I came to mediumship later in life.  After retiring from the NYPD, followed by five years with the Hudson Valley Opera Theatre (Soprano), I finally sought out the resources to get a handle on the experiences with spirit I have had throughout my life. I was “hearing” (clairaudience) and “seeing” (clairvoyance) spirit more often.  I found my way to a spiritualist church, where I receive, and continue to get, guidance and education.  Over time, I felt compelled to use my mediumship to bring message from spirit to their loved ones.

As your medium, I will bring through the specific information I receive from spirit as evidence of their presence, always with the intention of creating a healing and compassionate experience for you.  Rekindling the heart to heart connection with your loved ones, giving voice to the message from your loved ones in spirit.

I can also incorporate a psychic reading into your sitting.  You may find, though, that your loved one will come through with a message that answers any questions you may have before you have a chance to ask me!

I am deeply grateful to have studied evidential mediumship with a number of internationally known mediums, as well as continue to participate in ongoing classes to hone my abilities, at The Journey Within Spiritualists’ National Union Church.  (If you are interested in exploring your connection with spirit, or are curious about spiritualism, please go to to find out more.)

If you have any questions regarding mediumship, feel free to contact me.